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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Operation Nursery Part 1: Before

(words by Meg, gifs by Kate)

For those of you who like to crash at Chez Curtis, I have some bad news for you. Our two bedroom apartment easily accommodated guests in the past, but pretty soon the guest room will be the nursery. This second room has also served as our foster kitten room, so we're saying goodbye to kittens for now as well.

Our master plan involves moving our futon from the guest room into our dining room so we can still house the grandparents when they come to visit! Aside from the futon, our guest room is also home to all of my stuff. And I do mean ALL of it. Clothes, shoes, school books, random collections of hair accessories, hidden Christmas presents and more. All that stuff either needs to be tossed, stored or moved into our (small) bedroom, which is currently quite full of Kate's belongings! Gotta love city living with its oddly shaped closets and lack of storage space.

Here are some "before" pictures that I actually took after we started collecting some of the nursery decorations, so you get a sneak peak of those too. See if you can spot the whale tail.
This room has three doors. The door you see
here behind the teal dresser leads into our bedroom.
WHY? I do not know.
Here's door #2, which leads into the dining room.
Again, WHY?

The beloved futon and a glimpse into the kitchen through door #3.

The tiny closet (and technically door #4)
packed full of my clothes. 
Here are the steps we've taken in Operation Nursery so far:

1. Bought and assembled an Ikea bed frame with drawers underneath for our bedroom so I can put some of my clothes in it.

2. Emptied out the nightstands in our bedrooms and replaced them with floating shelves (I can't take any credit for this- it was all Kate!) so that we can open said drawers. We didn't exactly think that one through when we bought the bed frame. But we're making it work!

make it rain, i got money, broad city
3. Sorted through all our crap and freecycled, recycled, and goodwilled quite a bit of it. While sorting through some stuff of mine, I found 3 $100 bills tucked into the back of an old checkbook. I think they were wedding gifts and I put them there thinking we'd use them for a special occasion...3 years ago!  Oops.

4. Reorganized our little corner of the basement to make room for even more baby hand-me-downs that will soon need a temporary home. We already have a giant car seat box in our living room and though Batman loves it, it's not exactly our design style.

graco car seat, fat cat

Next post: Operation Nursery Part 2: Getting there.
nursery, vision board, teal nursery, nursery ideas
Meg's Vision Board as a teaser...

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