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Friday, August 15, 2014

Fairy Godfathers & Week 26 update

Our Fairy Godfathers: You Know Our Baby Is Always Gonna Look Good

Meg and I are very lucky to have an amazing network of friends.  And when it came time to think of who we would like to be BGC's godfather(s) we both had the same thought- these two homos.
Kyle is Meg's good friend from high school (and prom date x2) and Tommy is his husband (it's been almost a year since the wedding!).  They both took part in our wedding- Tommy sang and Kyle spoke.

We figured our daughter would have plenty of mothers, so two godfathers fit the bill. And we knew these two had to be a special part of our daughter's life.  So, since we agreed it should be them- the next question was how do we ask them in a fashion that is befitting to our fabulousness?  We thought about a nice keychain so they could always have a little reminder of her with them- but I felt fairly sure that gay men prefer a slim key ring so they don't bulge in their pockets- tacky.  Then we thought- shirts! I started researching and, not so surprisingly, there are really not a lot of "fairy godfather" shirts out there. So I decided I would just make ours online.  The first idea I saw was perfect... to us... but we weren't quite sure people would get the reference.

How gay Godfather's judge
your baby's outfit
We also wanted it to be something they would actually wear.  So, of course, I thought: FITTED TANK TOP.  I found a site that sold "men's fitted tank tops" with design options and they offered pink glittery ink. Jackpot. We had dinner (Boston Market cause we're classy) on the roof deck of their amazing Boston condo and popped the question. Tommy (our little softy) got a little teary and Kyle (our little diva) said, "I was hoping you'd ask me."  They accepted and we are delighted that our daughter will have these amazing men to support her, love her and steer her clear of any fashion faux pas.

Baby Curtis Update
Trying to turn over in bed with a pregnancy belly
Although the books say I should have gained 16-20 pounds I am still down from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Not that I am complaining.  AT ALL.  But it is amazing that, despite the weight loss, I feel heavier and more awkward.  Not that I was the epitome of grace before I was pregnant.  I could fall down from a seated position on the floor.  But now, getting up from any low sitting surface looks like a contemporary dance move.  I have the beginnings of an epic stomach shelf and I'm starting to feel so big that when I haul ass I have to take two trips.  And we're only at week 27!  And I'm always hungry.

We had an appointment with our current OB/GYN (she's leaving the practice and we have to choose a new one).  All is well with BGC, I have developed a pregnancy related allergy to chapstick and we have started the THIRD TRIMESTER! Wow, where did the time go? We have an ultrasound on August 25- stay tuned for an update.

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