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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 39: Introducing Baby Girl Curtis

BGC fans, we would like to introduce you to
Ella Katharine Curtis!  Born 11/12/14 at 5:26pm weighing 7lbs 6oz and measuring 20.5 inches.

But let's back up a bit (quite a bit- we've had a delay in posting this... because we had a baby).

Well folks.... there we were just waiting...
So Monday morning (Nov 10) started out with our usual weekly visit to our midwife.  Meg and I drove separately since she had to go to work after and I was planning to work from home for the week.  We went into the exam room and the nurse's aide did the normal tests she does (weight, blood pressure) when I looked and saw my BP was elevated.  I mean *elevated* above the immaculate numbers I've had my whole life including pregnancy. They immediately had me give a urine sample to test for protein and, unfortunately, they found trace amounts.  They then took blood to have fast-tracked to test for other levels (mainly seeing how my liver was handling things). All signs were pointing to pre-eclampsia.

We were going into this 39 week appointment with the hopes of a membrane sweep to kick things into gear.  My midwife attempted, but said my cervix wasn't dilated AT ALL (damn!). The midwife told me to go ahead to our scheduled ultrasound and that we would then go up to Labor and Delivery for an NST (Non-stress Test).  The test involves attaching one belt to the mother’s abdomen to measure fetal heart rate and another belt to measure contractions. Movement, heart rate and “reactivity” of heart rate to movement is measured for 20-30 minutes.

What BGC's thinking with
this waiting game.

BGC looked great on the ultrasound and the tech guessed at the time that she weighed about 8 lbs. We went up for the NST and my blood pressure remained elevated.  The blood test results came back with some additional elevated levels which made the midwife on call encourage us to go ahead and induce.  Midwives don't like to use intervention, so we knew if they were suggesting it, we should do it. From there we checked in to a Labor & Delivery room. It was very surreal.

View of Boston and the Charles
from our labor room
Meg doing grad school
work by bathroom light
They started me on Cytotec (dose every 4 hours) to help ripen the cervix and start contractions.  I was also hooked up to many monitors watching my blood pressure, the baby's heart rate and the contractions.  After just one course of the meds they were seeing some reaction, which was a positive sign. We did some laps around the labor and delivery wing while I still could and both sat on our
laptops in between.  These gifs don't find themselves, people.  The nurses prepared us that the induction process can take between 2-3 days and that doesn't include labor!

The "Before" Pic

We ended up doing 5 cycles of the Cytotec at 4 hours a cycle going overnight.  We transitioned through nurse/mid-wife shift change-overs and became well-versed in all the menu options of room service (we recommend the grilled chicken sandwich- add bacon).  With each staff change came a new opinion on "the plan."  By 11am on Tuesday the new midwife on-call said she would have stopped Cytotec after the 3rd cycle!  Great, so we just wasted the last 12 hours...

We then decided to change over to Pitocin which is a synthetic oxytocin (hormone to move along labor).  It is administered to increase contractions which then helps you to dilate so you can move into active labor and give birth.  I was given "Pit", as they call it, for several hours, several more sweeps- I had cryotherapy on some questionable cancerous cells in my cervix when I was 20 and it created scar tissue that was now inhibiting dilation so the midwife had to "break them up" by had- with no change.  We then decided to insert a Foley Balloon.  It is a rubber balloon on a tube inserted into the cervix then filled with water to weigh down on the cervix to increase dilation.  I asked them to make my balloon a doggy.

This process of waiting on the balloon to do its work combined with Pit-caused contractions every 2.5 minutes went on for 8 hours unmedicated until I could barely form full sentences and most of those words included expletives.  I was given sweet, sweet relief with some pain meds and I had advanced to 3cm dilated.  Exhuasted and hanging onto sanity by a fingertip, I got an epidural put in at 11pm. on Tuesday.  It was magical.  Why hold off on pain meds?  It can slow down or even reverse the dilation process and, even though we still had things to try on the room service menu, we were done living in a hospital and wanted to meet BGC.  Overnight we were only able to get small patches of sleep as BGC's heartrate would go down when I would have a contraction.  The nurses would continuously move me and have to reposition the contraction/baby heart rate monitor belts to stabilize her- but on a positive note we also developed a friend crush with our nurse Jody.  We later found out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, which was causing the decelerations. But everybody is ok, guys.

How I wanted to mess with Meg if my water broke 
I will say this.   Dr. John Bonica is my personal hero.  He's not a doc at Mt. Auburn. This dream angel invented the epidural.  By mid-day Wednesday we found out that I had dilated to a 4/5- finally!  And my water broke on its own.  We upped the Pit and by 4pm I was 10cm dilated and I was feeling contractions which was odd as... you know... blessed, blessed hoohaa drugs.  The midwife finally came in and said... "Um, I'm touching her head.  It's time to push!"

After 3 sets of a couple of pushes Ella popped out, almost too fast for the midwife to catch her!

How Meg felt about the "birth" of
the placenta
My "push gift" from Meg

Meg watched the baby come out AND cut the cord! For those of you who know us in real life, you know that's a big deal!

Grandpa Jeff

5 minutes after our healthy nugget was born a nurse asked us if a very curious and anxious man in the waiting room outside of Labor and Delivery was ours.  We said yes and Meg's dad was able to sneak in to meet "his baby"- who was born on his 60th birthday. We will always win "Best Present EVER" award from him for life.

Long story short (too late) I would recommend an acid enima before I would recommend being induced, but sometimes you don't have a choice, and we got this little nugget in the end and I'll get to hold this over her head when she's a teen. #motherhood

Stay tuned for our next post- Holy Crap, Someone Gave Us a Baby.
Good thing we practiced!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Labor & Birth in Gifs

When they told us we were being admitted to be induced...

Meg driving home to get our stuff
When they ask you what brought you into the Labor and Birthing Center today
Our hospital has everything.
When they tell you the induction meds
could take days to push you into labor
Contractions without drugs
When I NEED drugs.
When the anesthesiologist walks in and asks, "Who wants drugs?"
Then the drugs kick in
How you feel after several days of labor
After the baby is born
After After The Baby is Born

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 38: The Other 2 Week Wait

When you have contractions that you know aren't the
real thing, but you still get excited

Going into week 38 is rough y'all.  This goes beyond the usually pregnancy related aches and the pains. I am at the city limits of Crazytown. I think most who know me would say I'm a rational person.  I tend to not show my stress and I also tend to not freak out about much. Well, throw that shit out the window because pregnancy will laugh at your rational mind and give it the hormonal finger.  

Perfect "The Shining" gif: ACHIEVED
Week 38 is where you enter "The Shining" stage of your pregnancy- "All pregnancy and no baby yet make Kate go something, something." You can't do a lot because you get too tired/swollen/achy. You have mentally checked out of everything that isn't a pregnancy symptom. And EVERYTHING is a symptom.  Much like the 2 Week Wait after insemination (am I pregnant?), this 2 Week Wait at least has a light at the end of the tunnel... so to speak.

And you cry.  Kates don't cry.  But I've cried plenty.  You want it to be over, you're afraid something is wrong, you feel like if you eat anymore cayenne pepper you're going to light on fire from the inside.  You get contractions and they are strong and they increase. And then they stop right as you allow yourself to get your hopes up.  You wake up a lot in the night since you have limited sleeping positions and think, "Have I felt the baby move?"  Then you start poking, tapping and all but drum circling to get the little kid to move.  Then she moves... or did she?  Was that all in your head?  And then you wake up your sleeping wife with your iPhone doppler app at 2am.  You see where I'm going with this.  I've been told this is normal.  If you see Meg please give her a hug or a strong adult beverage as she continues to support me through this part.
Trying to get the baby to shift down

I've been doing squats and walking to help the baby drop (it like it's hot- sorry couldn't resist).

I am also trying acupuncture to induce labor.  They insert the needles into specific acupressure points to help induce. Even if it doesn't work, it's so relaxing..worth every penny.

And I'm now the last out of the posse of pregnant women at my company to give birth. This kid feels like she has bought the timeshare in Boca and is not going anywhere.

And our weekly update from our midwife appointment and the ultrasound:
BGC passed another BPP test and is constantly practice breathing.  Good sign!  The tech was also able to get some front photos of her face.  Get past the creepy and check out those chubby cheeks.

Our lovely midwife also did a check and I am 70% effaced (ripening of the uterus for labor), 1cm dilated (you need to be 4cm to be in active labor) and she is at station -2 (+3 happens when the baby crowns).  All good things, but unless a miracle happens she's not coming in the next hour.  We'll keep our eyes peeled for any movement over the next week, but otherwise we will be doing the membrane sweep (google it) on Monday to help kick this motha' into action.  And, at the last resort, they will induce at 41 weeks.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go try to lure this baby out with promises of Nutella and non-stop Idina Menzel jams.