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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 28: Diabeat-this

Just a quick update on some happenings this past week with BGC.

Childbirth Class: Can't Amazon Just Deliver Her?

On Saturday Meg and I attended an all day Labor and Delivery class at Mount Auburn Hospital, where our doctors are (LOVES us some Nurse Judy) and where we plan to deliver BGC.  We considered heading into labor blindly- I mean, someone would be there that would tell me what to do right? Or we could take the class and learn, most likely, way more than we need to know. Ultimately we decided to get schooled. The class included a tour of the Labor & Delivery area in the hospital, so that was a bonus.


Using hands on learning, 3-D animation, videos (all characters had hair from 1985 and it was magical), posters and other visual aids (the fake baby was a thing from your deepest childhood nightmare, but became comical when she shoved it through the plastic birthing canal of the skeleton) we learned about physical changes in pregnancy, warning signs and preterm labor, and labor progression and positioning (giggle).  Aka 9 times out of 10 you what you're feeling doesn't constitute a trip to the ER. What I've learned from growing a baby thus far, and this was backed up in class, is that the recommendation they will make for any ache is a to drink a glass of water.  We covered comfort measures and natural (screw that) techniques for coping with pain as well as the role of the support person.  The instructor also explained induction (typically providing a
The progression of Meg's face watching the video of a
baby actually being born
medication to kick labor into action), augmentation and decision-making in labor, including discussion about your pain medication and epidural options and cesarean birth.  Look.  I know a lot of people look down on drugs used to help the mother's pain in pregnancy.  I get it.  You want to go natural.  Go you.  I respect that.  I would just like to not ruin my marriage, have holy water thrown at me or split into 2 due to pain when I could tone that sucker down and focus more on giving birth to the child.

Epidural catheter
Not to be confused with... 

We were, as usual, the token lesbian couple in the room, but no one blinked an eye at it.  Thanks Boston. We split into groups often to talk about our personal worries, questions, experiences thus far in pregnancy.  We all pretty much agreed that we miss sleeping, would love a bottle of anything you can light on fire, and think our children are mini Rockettes.  Although, out of 9 couples we were the only one expecting a girl, and one couple was waiting to find out.  Girl power.

mount auburn hospital, labor and delivery

The labor and delivery tour was great.  The rooms have baller views of the Boston skyline so while a little human is ripping through your body you can wave at the Red Sox blimp.  But seriously, the rooms are amazing and the nursing staff seem great. They also have waiting rooms for family in both the delivery and post-partum areas, complete with a kitchenette stocked with goodies.  And I'm sure Meg would want me to say that the new moms will also happily accept goodies of the sweet variety.

28 Week Check-up & Final Gestational Diabetes Test: Here, Eat This

We also had our 28 week check-up and Gestational Diabetes test this week. Last time I took the GD test I drank the nasty drink that could only be enjoyed by the 11 year old version of ourselves (think defrosted frosty pop).  I got pretty sick from that so my nurse gave me a food option for this test.  It must equate to 50 grams of glucose so I slammed 8oz of whole milk, a slice of bread and a banana in the required 5 minute block of time in the Mt Auburn parking lot.  Meg was entertained.

Next we went in for an ultrasound to measure BCG's growth.  She is measuring almost a week ahead and is weighing in at approximately 2 pounds, 14 ounces which is the 61 percentile for size. Basically everything is normal, phew! She was also in a breached position, but babies aren't typically in a birth ready position until about 36 weeks, so nothing to worry about there.  The doctor was amused because by the end of the ultrasound, she was in kind of a funky yoga pose... like this....

We then ran to the Women's Center on the other side of the hospital to get blood drawn just at the right time for the GD test and checked in with our favorite baby-related medical provider: Nurse Judy.  She's a hugger. All vitals were great and she even said I could have ice cream every night.

You know, within reason.

UPDATE: My second Gestational Diabetes test came back normal!
beyonce, vmas, feminist
How you feel when you pass your 2nd Gestational Diabetes
test with flying colors.

Coming soon...
We have officially started converting the guest room to a nursery!  We are outsourcing a lesbian, our friend Brittany, to help build the crib because we don't own tools or know how to use them and want to keep our marriage intact.

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