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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Feeling Grateful for Celebrity Lesbian Moms

cat cora, lesbian moms, famous lesbian moms
Cat Cora.  Winning at everything.
Recently there has been a fair amount of mainstream buzz about NBC news anchor Jenna Wolfe and her girlfriend having a baby girl. Six months ago, Jenna casually announced her pregnancy on the air, while subsequently publicly coming out. I guess in this case, the two pieces of news went hand in hand, since viewers were obviously going to notice that she was pregnant and sans husband....

gay dads, NPH, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
Let's not forget gay dads.
Especially, NPH.  I mean, look at this.
Anyway, I'm feeling grateful for the lesbian moms who have traveled this road before us and shared their stories with the world. Tens of thousands of suburbanites rely on Jenna Wolfe to give them their news and now this household name is having a baby...with another woman. It's possible Jenna is the first lesbian mom these people have ever "met." Every lesbian mom who chooses to be in the public eye gives me a bit of hope that my future child won't be the only one at school with two moms. His friends' parents won't flinch when I introduce myself as his mom and then introduce them to my wife, Kate. In a perfect world, it would never occur to him that his family is any different than any other family.

So to the pioneers who have gone before us- those living their lives outwardly and proudly- thank you for paving the road, one little bit at a time, for families soon to come.

Kate's Perspective:
I think that Meg...
nailed it

iphone, appledisco ballI also want to point out that I grew up in a time/region that gay lifestyles weren't all that visible. I also spent a lot of time working in theater so my vision may have been a little askew. I knew, maybe, a person or two who I thought were gay, but no one lived an out life.  I don't even think I saw two same sex people holding hands as partners (IRL) until college.  The idea of  actually being able to live this way, marrying someone AND having a family never crossed my mind until 2007, also the same year the iPhone was first released- it was a year of discovery my friends. And now I'm married and we are starting a family.  I want to expand on big ups to the gay and lesbian moms and give the highest of gay fives to those that made all of it possible and"normal".

gay high five
Literally Googled "rainbow high five".

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