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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Operation Nursery: DONE! (Almost)

(words by Meg + gifs by Kate)
When someone asks us to "build" something

Kate and I are really terrible at being lesbians. I mean, we're fine at BEING lesbians (wink, wink.. sorry mom and dad), but we're not the usual handy sorts. Kate's dad gave us a toolbox and we don't even know what half of the contents would be used for. Honestly I couldn't tell a drill bit from a wood screw, so when it came to building the crib, we thought we'd call in the Calvary, aka my former roommate and current friend, Brittany Burke.

Read the instructions first, you say?
So that's where I've been going wrong all these years!
Kate while watching Brit and Meg construct things
In between the whale pictures is BCG's initial,
which is blurred out to preserve the surprise/drive my dad crazy.

Once the crib was done, we were on a roll! I was surprised to find out that hanging three pieces of artwork was harder than building the furniture. That's what happens when you live in an old (read: slanted) building.

Brittany kept saying "what's next?" so we kept answering her! Last, but not least, she put up our new curtain rods and hung curtains.
Looking into the nursery from the kitchen.
There will be a changing pad on top of that teal dresser.

After the big pieces of the nursery were assembled, I couldn't stop myself from organizing. It's what I do.
Baby girl has more clothes than I do!

We're in the market for some crib sheets, a changing pad and a couple of other things and then the nursery will be complete. We're ready for you, baby girl!

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