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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Raining Men... Oh, Wait. That's Not Right. (A Shower Story)

Over the past two weekends we've been lucky enough to have not one, but two showers thrown in our honor.

The Bristol, CT posse (including G-Pa and the Godfathers)

Our "friend" shower was a joint effort with many people pitching in. It was so wonderful and we felt so loved!

Our good friends (all of which Meg and I met through our gigs working in the Boston arts scene) came together to throw us a party.  And we must say it was "us" to a tee (a baby T in fact <rim shot>).  Grandpa Curtis came in from CT with cupcakes, adorable onesie cookies as baby shower favors and a boozy concoction called a Mamatini (virgin version was also served for Kate).

While opening the many lovely and heartfelt gifts from friends, baby shower bingo was enjoyed. Guests wrote in what they thought we'd receive on each square, which certainly got them invested in the gift opening!  I think their cheers were louder than ours.  "A BINKIEEEEEEEEE! Bingo!"

The onesie making station was a hit.  Guests were provided with an array of onesies in all colors and sizes and iron-on decals ranging from LGBT themes to musical theater references... actually that's not quite a large range.  But you get the point.  By the end of the party we had upwards of 30 onesies for BGC made with love (and sass) from our friends.

Thanks you guys!

This past Saturday was our family shower hosted by Meg's mom and our step-sisters/in-laws (<it's too complicated, let's just call them our sisters). #blendedfamiliesAMIRITE

Awash in pink and green, we were surrounded by family! Our sister Jess made a 3 layer cake with accompanying cupcakes.  The whole place was covered in handcrafted decorations by Jess as well.
Jaimie had stations set up for guests to write little notes of wisdom or humor that were then rolled around a piece of candy and put inside a clean diaper, adding to our diaper stash.  So when we are up with BGC at 3am for the umpteenth time changing her diaper we'll get a little note and a piece of candy to get us through.

Another station had a picture with a bare tree with an ink pad next to it.  Guests were asked to add their thumbprint like leaves onto the tree. If you see anyone walking around with a blue thumb, you'll know they were part of our shower! Another nice addition to BGC's nursery.

Meg's side of the family is also VERY talented in the Arts and Crafts department.  Meg's cousin (and goddaughter), Laura, made this adorable elephant! We named her Barbra (mostly because, as Meg's parents are both Speech Pathologists, Bs are easy for babies to say early on), but I also like to sneak a little Babs into BGC's life whenever possible.barbra streisand

Another hit was Meg's Aunt Gail's gift.  An avid knitter, she hand-made a hat for BGC for each month, starting with a coming home hat.  Note: September (the all white one) has a little veil so she can celebrate our wedding anniversary with us, November is a cupcake to celebrate her birthday (although she is welcome ANYTIME after 37 weeks).

Hats in order from December 2014 through November 2015
We are VERY lucky and grateful for all the generosity, both in talent and gifts, that we received and can't wait to have 58324095435 photo sessions with BGC- don't worry, we'll share them here.
broad city, i got money now
When you get a Babies R Us gift card.

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