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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 35: Pregnant Women, Put Down the Google

The above is what the final stretch of pregnancy feels like.

I have become the most paranoid, tummy watching, iPhone fetal Doppler app using crazy pregnant woman.  I have hid the crazy from Meg as she is a bit of a worrier, but my crazy cup runneth over.  I know I shouldn't say this as my job depends on this tool, but Google is the devil. Also, who's brilliant idea was it to create message boards for other crazy pregnant women to pour their crazy into only feeding the fire?  If BGC hasn't moved for an hour my mind automatically thinks the umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck.  But sooner or later she kicks me in my rib and the crazy subsides.  Be aware.  This is all normal.

Getting out of bed...

Tuesday we had a visit with our midwife Jenn and had our 9 month (!!!) measurement ultrasound.  Other than the pain in my diaphragm/ribs (Jenn chalks this up to my uterus stretching into my rib area), inability to sleep or lie on my back (the weight of the baby compresses an artery causing nausea/dizziness) and normal pregnancy heart palpitations, all is well with my weight and blood pressure.

Also, Jenn gave us some "labor prep" talks such as packing the hospital bag, how to check in, when family should actually come to the hospital, etc and I can't tell you how awesome that feels! We're almost there!  We also had a fetal measurement and BPP (Biophysical Profile)- which she passed. We will be having these on a weekly basis starting next week as it is a precaution for overweight women- no worries team, it's just a precaution!  She's also weighing in at 6lb 4oz. Give or take a pound. Yeah.  I know.  As Meg and I were laying bed last night she looked at me and said, "This could happen any time!  LIKE TOMORROW!"  Let's just have BGC hang in there until 37 weeks and then she can come anytime.
November 1 little girl.  November 1.

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