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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


(written by Meg, gifs by Kate)

Kate and I have this running joke about when we do something with Ella that realistically is totally fine, but is likely something the textbooks would tell you not to do. We've hashtagged these moments "badmommies."  Usually this means we actually say out loud "hashtag badmommies!" as we're committing the offense. 

Here are some examples:
Parking Ella in front of the screen saver on our TV so we can make dinner. #badmommies

Doing tummy time for 10 seconds until she screams and then giving up. #badmommies

Not realizing it was going to rain and showing up at daycare with a fairly wet baby. #badmommies
When was the last time we bathed this creature? #badmommies

Forgetting to pack a bib in the daycare bag. They used a paper towel. #badmommies

Browsing facebook during the 3am feeding. #badmommies

Laughing as your baby slides to the floor? #badmommies

This is supposed to be a funny post, but for a small dose of seriousness, it's kind of a shame that the textbooks (ok, who are we kidding...the internet) offer such a strict and regimented set of rules about how one should parent. There are some obvious no-nos (blankets in the crib, second hand smoke, etc.), but I really think some of the other "rules" are just making us all feel bad.

Any other #badmommies out there?

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure my son will never crawl because he detests tummy time, so we rarely do it. He also "watches" the morning news while I'm getting ready for work.