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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 38: The Other 2 Week Wait

When you have contractions that you know aren't the
real thing, but you still get excited

Going into week 38 is rough y'all.  This goes beyond the usually pregnancy related aches and the pains. I am at the city limits of Crazytown. I think most who know me would say I'm a rational person.  I tend to not show my stress and I also tend to not freak out about much. Well, throw that shit out the window because pregnancy will laugh at your rational mind and give it the hormonal finger.  

Perfect "The Shining" gif: ACHIEVED
Week 38 is where you enter "The Shining" stage of your pregnancy- "All pregnancy and no baby yet make Kate go something, something." You can't do a lot because you get too tired/swollen/achy. You have mentally checked out of everything that isn't a pregnancy symptom. And EVERYTHING is a symptom.  Much like the 2 Week Wait after insemination (am I pregnant?), this 2 Week Wait at least has a light at the end of the tunnel... so to speak.

And you cry.  Kates don't cry.  But I've cried plenty.  You want it to be over, you're afraid something is wrong, you feel like if you eat anymore cayenne pepper you're going to light on fire from the inside.  You get contractions and they are strong and they increase. And then they stop right as you allow yourself to get your hopes up.  You wake up a lot in the night since you have limited sleeping positions and think, "Have I felt the baby move?"  Then you start poking, tapping and all but drum circling to get the little kid to move.  Then she moves... or did she?  Was that all in your head?  And then you wake up your sleeping wife with your iPhone doppler app at 2am.  You see where I'm going with this.  I've been told this is normal.  If you see Meg please give her a hug or a strong adult beverage as she continues to support me through this part.
Trying to get the baby to shift down

I've been doing squats and walking to help the baby drop (it like it's hot- sorry couldn't resist).

I am also trying acupuncture to induce labor.  They insert the needles into specific acupressure points to help induce. Even if it doesn't work, it's so relaxing..worth every penny.

And I'm now the last out of the posse of pregnant women at my company to give birth. This kid feels like she has bought the timeshare in Boca and is not going anywhere.

And our weekly update from our midwife appointment and the ultrasound:
BGC passed another BPP test and is constantly practice breathing.  Good sign!  The tech was also able to get some front photos of her face.  Get past the creepy and check out those chubby cheeks.

Our lovely midwife also did a check and I am 70% effaced (ripening of the uterus for labor), 1cm dilated (you need to be 4cm to be in active labor) and she is at station -2 (+3 happens when the baby crowns).  All good things, but unless a miracle happens she's not coming in the next hour.  We'll keep our eyes peeled for any movement over the next week, but otherwise we will be doing the membrane sweep (google it) on Monday to help kick this motha' into action.  And, at the last resort, they will induce at 41 weeks.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go try to lure this baby out with promises of Nutella and non-stop Idina Menzel jams.

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