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Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 6: Boobs of Fury

What you feel like when you go up a cup size.
Saturday we entered week 6 of pregnancy and although it hasn't been a ton of time, a lot is happening!  First of all, my knockers are getting huge.  They are also very sore. If you hug me tighter than a slightly awkward bro hug, I will probably punch you in the pancreas. But I figure- flaunt it while you have it.  Second, by 2pm I am willing to nap anywhere.  Legit. If I yawn while I'm with you, it's not you, it's me... unless it's you. You know what?  Just bring me some sort of cheese related food and we'll all be fine.  Also, please excuse the hormonal induced prepubescent acne festival that is happening on my chin.  Much like the US with Justin Beiber, I'm doing what I can with it, but we're all just waiting for it to recede and it will probably leave an ugly scar.

By now our little kinder is the size of a pea!  Currently, it has a beating heart and blood is running through Sweet Pea's (new name for the week) body.  It is also starting to develop a nose, mouth and ears.  It's probably looking similar to a newborn puppy with fins. The intestines and the tissue that will become the lungs are also forming. And the brain and bones are soon to be completed.  Guys.  I can't even finish making a gym playlist in the time all this stuff is happening.

Next step: Ultrasound on March 31st.

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