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Friday, February 21, 2014

First comes love...

(post by Meg, gifs by Kate)

Meg & Kate,
sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes a hormone
in a syringe (carriage).

Wait, that's not how it usually goes. Well folks, that's real life these days in our treehouse.

For those of you who know me (hi, this is Meg), you probably can't imagine my putting a needle into Kate's stomach. You probably can't even imagine my thinking about doing such a thing. (Shout out to Victoria- Remember the time I stapled my finger in the band hallway and literally could not even look at it? Yeah.) I'll admit, I wasn't looking forward to it, but when your wife needs you to plunge hormones into her stomach, you do it.

Let me back up a little. As Kate has previously mentioned, after two unsuccessful IUIs and one wonky ovulation predictor kit experience, we decided to step it up a notch with ovulation monitoring and a "trigger shot".

Kate has gone in to the doctor's office twice in the past week for blood work and an ultrasound to see
how her uterine lining and follicles are looking. Both times things seemed to be progressing nicely, so this morning they told her that we should administer the trigger shot tonight between 9-10pm. Good thing we didn't have theater tickets because this would have been super awkward to do in the ladies room at the Opera House. I digress...

A couple of days ago we ordered the trigger shot, which by the way is not cheap, and found out that it ships

in a refrigerated container ($30 extra, kids) and must be put immediately into the refrigerator upon delivery. Well they delivered it on Tuesday afternoon in the middle of a blizzard so it was kept nice and chilly on our stoop. Then it lived in our fridge amongst the Britta and diet tonic water. That's normal, right?

What it feels like at the beginning of TTC
And then after a couple IUIs.

Last night the time had finally come to unwrap the contents and figure out how the heck to do this. Lucky for Kate, I've been binge watching early episodes of Grey's Anatomy this week. SCALPEL! STAT! scalpel required? Uhh, well, ok, I think it would be more exciting with a scalpel. It turned out to be not nearly as dramatic as I had expected. Kate hardly even knew I was doing anything, and I didn't pass out! #winning (that's for you, Dad)

Anyway, now we hope the trigger shot does what it's supposed to- triggers an ovary to release an egg.
We're scheduled for an insemination on Saturday at 9:30am, so say a little prayer, think a little good thought, send a little chocolate...  We'll be getting our champagne on tonight for Kate's last hurrah (hopefully!).

Stay tuned for scenes from the two week wait.

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